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Juno Research LLC Welcomes You

Welcome to Juno Research LLC. It is our mission to dramatically improve the process of drug development by providing quality data to assist in the approval and marketing of the products held on trial.


Juno Research, LLC is a privately owned Clinical Research Organization specializing in Phases I – IV Clinical Trials since 2004.

Currently operating in multiple locations all conveniently located in Houston’s major urban areas, we provide our customers with the highest quality study services by centralizing functions for optimum results.

Our research background, work experience, commitment to delivering high quality results and extensive patient database gives us a competitive edge that attracts both Sponsors and CRO’s. 

We strive to be an industry leader by negotiating fair budgets and contracts that lead to win-win relationships with our clients.  We offer top quality services to Pharmaceutical, CRO and Biotechnology companies through the following methods:

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Centralized Management & Regulatory Functions

Led by Miguel A. Posada, MS, CCRA – CEO of Juno Research, our clinical management team regularly reviews all aspects of the clinical trials awarded to Juno.

Our Regulatory Department, led by Mrs. Lilly Buckins, offers a central approach to document distribution & and report maintenance while maintaining a presence at each site.  All regulatory affairs are managed at a corporate level to ensure consistency throughout our organization. Each regulatory coordinator is dedicated to a specific site and maintains all submissions, binders, and related documentation. 


Utilizing Standard Operating Procedures "SOP's" throughout the organization

Since opening our doors in 2004, Juno Research has operated by a set of Standard Operating Procedures created by Mr. Posada and the clinical management team.  These SOP’s were designed with ICH/ GCP, FDA and HIPAA guidelines in mind and serve as a guidebook for all Juno Staff.

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Offering a staff of dedicated Investigators and qualified study & regulatory coordinators

Juno Research offers a staff of Principal & Sub Investigators with various specializations who are dedicated to the clinical research industry. 
 Our study & regulatory coordinators have over 20 years combined industry experience and are required to complete rigorous training programs before actively participating in research projects.  Trainings Include:

  •  ICH / GCP / HIPAA – CITI Course

  • CRC Certification Exams

  • CCRA Certification Exams (where necessary)

  • SOP Training Programs – Developed internally

Blood Samples

Providing accurate study feasibility assessments along with accelerated startup procedures

The reputation of Juno Research partly depends on our ability to meet and exceed the contracted expectations of our customers.  As such, Juno Research provides study feasibility assessments for each trial presented to us.

Nurse Taking Notes

Utilization of Central IRB's

Juno Research will always elect to use the central IRB delegated by the Sponsor / CRO.

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Implemementing internal quality controls:

We are able to provide quality data to our clients by the use of an internal Q/A department.  Our Q/A team members serve as “internal study monitors” and inspect the day-to-day activities of the study and regulatory staff on a weekly basis.  Q/A reports are submitted to the clinical management team after each review and any issues addressed immediately.


Opening Hours

Please call ahead to confirm

6200 Rothway. Ste 160.

Houston, TX 77040

Mon - Fri: 8AM - 4PM

Sat/Sun: Closed

7400 Fannin St. Ste 855

Houston, TX 77054

Mon - Fri: 8AM - 4PM

Sat/Sun: Closed

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